Who Am I?


 I'm Matthew Shield and I'm a Digital Animal.

Since I was young, I have always been messing around with computers and cameras, taking them apart, seeing how they work. My family always thought I would be a builder, as I was constantly creating and designing things with Lego and similar toys. I probably would have been if it wasn't for the computer and the camera, turning me into a creative animal that simply loves creating and playing with digital toys.

Thanks to experience working for companies and graphic agencies, and to my studies at Bournemouth University, I have acquired the knowledge to be able to dissect and analyse problems before constructing and developing a solution to fit. Research and experimentation with new technologies keeps me hunting down new and exciting ways of problem solving.

What do I do?

  • Live Video Production
  • Art Direction/Directing
  • Live Streaming
  • Vision Mixing
  • Front-End Development
  • Audio/Voiceover
  • Broadcast Engineering
  • Camera Operating
  • Responsive Design
  • Video Production
  • UX Design
  • Augmented Reality

What have I done?

3xScreen Media

Broadcast Engineer/Producer

3xScreen is a small, independent, innovative broadcast company specialising in video production and live streaming, working internationally with a number of high-profile clients including LinkedIn, Twitter, ITV, VANS Shoes, Getty Images and Ted Baker.

As a broadcast technical project manager, engineer and producer with the company, I have designed, implemented and operated a variety of broadcast systems for live events, working with these and other clients. I have gained extensive skills and experience in all aspects of live video production for television and live-streaming including camera operation, directing and vision mixing, audio, lighting and feed transmission (LiveU and Dejero cellular bonded systems). While working on a production, I have coordinated the work of others, including external contractors. I have experience collaborating and working in a shared environment with other broadcast companies and contractors to ensure that the client's expectations were met.

As part of a small company, I have many other responsibilities with the business, including project management and client engagement, process improvement, implementing new systems to improve efficiency and maintaining and repairing equipment.

ConFuzzled UK Ltd.

Head of Video

ConFuzzled is an annual costuming, art and performance convention in the UK that attracts in excess of 1,300 attendees each year, spans 5 days, and features a number of traditional stage events, alongside panels, dances, competitions and the like.

ConFuzzled is a not-for-profit operation, raising money for charity each year. My time and my crew's time is volunteered to the convention both out of a personal interest and as an opportunity to expand my skills in an environment I aspire to work in professionally in the future.

As the Head of Video, my role involves managing a team of 4 crew members responsible for gathering video, running the front-of-house video desk and co-ordinating multiple cameras at once at live events, as well as operating multiple mobile cameras aiming to "capture the moment" at smaller events and around the convention in general.

I have full budgetary responsibility for the department, and start planning well in advance to ensure that we have the equipment we require to both film events and to televise our output available and operational throughout. I take responsibility for the production of assets (e.g. idents, lower-thirds), videos and animations that are used during the live broadcast and act as Director of Photography for high-profile events, such as the PawPet Show, a puppeteering main-stage event that attracts the largest audience at the convention.

I am responsible for filming and producing videos of the convention to be used to both promote the next year's event and as something convention attendees can enjoy as memories of past events.


Senior Front End Developer

Working as part of a small front end team, I was responsible for building high-quality and innovative websites for a range of clients from small startups to larger, more established companies. I project manage and liaise with clients where necessary to iterate on designs and ensure that the finished product meets their requirements.

My skillset has brought new revenue into the business, including video production and animation, and has allowed Intergage to bring more projects in-house as compared to outsourcing them to other suppliers. I worked with the sales team to sell these new products to clients, providing advice, guidance and assisting with pricing of projects.

During my time with the company, I have improved upon existing systems and processes to help increase efficiency by bringing new, industry-standard, methodologies - for example object-oriented SCSS and responsive design - into the business, and I liaise with the development team to suggest and scope out new features and processes to improve our proprietary CMS.

Beyond this, I work closely with others on my team, training and mentoring more junior staff members and providing them with knowledge of best practices, helping them improve their skills and understand the dynamics of managing clients.

Bournemouth University

Interactive Media Production (BA Hons)

Three year full time course focusing on interactive digital media and providing a range of online skills from web/game/app development, as well as offline skills such as video/audio production. One of the main advantages of the course was to learn the theory based understanding of design and development and the psychology of design and the impact it has on people.

My final-year project was an ambitious augmented reality card game that modernises the classic "Top Trumps" style card game. Featuring 3D models of tanks, animations, video and game design, the project suited my multi-talented nature and allowed me to put the skills I had learned into practise, as well as challenging me sufficiently that I learned a few more along the way.


Shop Assistant (Part Time)

This job involved interacting and advising customers on a variety of printing needs. It provided valuable knowledge of the print industry as well as good customer relationship skills.

The customers provided a wide range of design and print requirements that required extensive photo manipulation and graphic design skills often with short turn-around times. Skills were gained with using and dealing with a variety of printing technologies, as well as on how to operate and maintain the printing machines themselves.

Heavy interaction with customers allowed me to understand the importance of customer satisfaction, and I prided myself on diagnosing and solving problems quickly and efficiently. Working in my family's printing shops from the age of thirteen has allowed me to develop these customer interaction skills that have been essential for my professional career.

What else do I do?

PawPet Show UK

Director of Photography / Television Director

The PawPet show is a puppeteering main-stage event that attracts a large audience at ConFuzzled. This yearly event requires a high level of planning and preparation prior to the event.

The role begins with liaising with script writers and advising them of technical requirements for video and animation segments that appear during set changes of the show to help keep the audience interested. Once the scripts are confirmed, the preparation and filming of video segments in the style of the BBC's "Mongrels" takes place where I act as Director of Photography and camera operator. I then edit and colour grade the footage before outputting into the format (full HD H.264 MP4) required for the show.

During the live show I act as the television director, calling the shots and directing the camera crew.  Live video footage is mixed by me and projected onto screens on either side of the stage, aiding people's view of the puppets on the play-rail.

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