ABC Mousehole Cottages

Client: Above Beach Cottages
Company: Intergage
Date: July 2014

The Challenge

ABC Cottages, an existing Intergage customer, sought to expand their holiday cottage agency. Their existing website covers the majority of the South West of the UK but they were finding that cottage owners felt lost when their cottage is listed with hundreds of other competitors.

To combat this, ABC Cottages wanted to focus on individual areas providing a more personalised service that benefits both cottage owners and site visitors.

The Process & Result

In order for this website to become successful in attracting and keeping both cottage owners and visitors the UI was the primary focus. Our design makes it easy to search and select a property, using simple iconography to depict available facilities. Listings can easily be sorted and filtered to suit the viewer . This was developed through the use of wire-frames and prototypes to help achieve an experience meeting the client's high expectations.

We determined that tablet users made up more than 50% of existing website traffic, so a responsive design was key to make the site accessible on portable devices. High-quality imagery was another key requirement for the website to help sell the cottages and local area.  Finally, the website was set up so as to be easily replicated and adjusted in the future as the business expands to serve other towns and areas.


Cottage view with icons, sorting ability and filter system on the left.