Savannah Revolution Concert

Client: Savannah Revolution
Company: Confuzzled
Date: June 2013

The Challenge

Performed on the main stage at Confuzzled 2013, the Savannah Revolution (a German based rock band) rock for an hour and a half with guest musician Fox Amoore.

The show was filmed as a multi-camera setup that was live-broadcast to two projector screens either side of the stage. Footage was then re-edited and presented and distributed online for attendees to watch again.


Vocalist - Eisfuchs
Electric Guitar / Bass - Garra
Keyboard - Jaryic
Bass Guitar / Accordion - Jumpy
Keyboard / Accordion - MafunDi
Drums - Kamikaze
Guest Keytar Player - Fox Amoore

Savannah Revolution Poster Design - AlectorFencer
Sound Engineer - Cheetah
Cameras - Matthew Shield & O'Wolf
Edited By - Matthew Shield

"Up in The Loft" by Alexander James Adams
All other songs © Savannah Revolution 2013

Performed at Confuzzled 2013, Barceló Hinckley Island Hotel, UK


King of Your Pride
Black Velvet
All the Way
Like a Raven
Come Back to Me
Do not Love
(Jam with Fox Amoore)
Weasel Wardance
Our Thing
Always Around
Light on Shattered Water
Stupid Me
One Step Behind
Winged Angels
Ready to Go
Dance of the Tiger and Wolf
Up in the Loft