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Client: Ceuta Healthcare
Company: Intergage
Date:  May 2013

The Challenge

To respond to a significant increase in the amount of traffic coming to their website from non-desktop devices, the Ceuta Heathcare Group wanted to overhaul their corporate site.  Theirs is a high-profile brand that requires a high level of attention to detail to meet their exacting requirements and ensure the level of quality desired by the client was met.

In addition, the client operates a complex business and require a lot of information to be online as part of their redesign.  Understanding all the different areas of the business and tackling the logical organisation of this large amount of information was a key requirement given to us.

The Process & Result

With careful planning with the client, and by using wire-frame mock-ups, we discovered that a split menu system worked best in allowing users to navigate around the website. The key top level pages appear across the top, clearly defining each section with the sub pages within that section appearing on the left sub-menu.

The theme of the website is designed to be clean and functional, whilst adding a little unique flair to stop it becoming too boring. It is designed to have a fairly long lifespan of a minimum of three to four years yet still look as fresh and relevant at the end of that time as it does at the start.

The website was built with responsive features, maintaining ease of readability from any device across a range of viewports.


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