DNA Integrated Construction

Client: DNA Integrated Construction
Company: Intergage
Date: September 2012

The Challenge

DNA Integrated Construction (DNA-IC) required an up-market website to promote their luxury construction work.  The company is heavily involved with the local community, and wanted to showcase that alongside their business's products and services.

The final website had to compliment their existing dark branding and provide the same luxury feel that DNA-IC put into their construction projects.

DNA IC Mobile View

The Process & Result

A one-page style website was determined to be the best approach for DNA-IC as it helped to promote the luxury feel when combined with the high quality imagery of the company's finished construction work.

A large banner system and an novel, segmented gallery system that is designed around the company's logo helps promote the feeling of quality, and the top navigation was designed to allow users to quickly jump to a section on the  page.

The entire site is responsive to cater for the demand for viewing on different sized devices.

DNA IC Gallery Animation

Each segment rotates individually into the next/previous image.