Eco Towels Logo

Client: Eco Towels
Company: Freelance
Date: July 2012

The Challenge

Eco Towels is a small start-up company that manufactures a range of eco-friendly and biodegradable towels for use in hair salons, spas, hotels and so on.

The company approached me with an idea of creating an e-commerce website to promote their product and allow online purchasing from customers.

With no content, imagery, branding or colour scheme, the logo was the only piece of artwork to start the project with.

The Process & Result

Branding the then new company started off the project with the colour scheme and style deriving from the logo. This was followed by organising the content and the products they wished to sell online and the user experience and wireframes were planned around them.

Initially using stock imagery for some of the lifestyle shots, I conducted photo shoots to produce the product images. Once the designs were in place and the responsive website built and content loaded, the payment processor and merchant account was organised and integrated ready to start accepting orders.

To help promote the products further, a product video was filmed and produced in a local salon rounding off the complete package to get the start-up accepting orders.

Eco Towels have used this as a starting point to build a successful online business that has expanded internationally to take its product offering to new markets.



Eco Towels iPad

A view of the product page providing product information and clear calls to add the product to the basket.