Stone Worx

Stone Worx Logo

Client: Stone Worx
Company: Intergage
Date: September 2012

The Challenge

Stone Worx are a luxury stone fabricator company who sought our help to improve their brand image and attract more enquiries. Their existing low cost website did not reflect their quality and attract their target market, and they wanted a more professional method of presenting images of their work.

Stone Worx also had an issue of clients commenting that they didn't fully understand the development process prior to contacting them so a method of explaining the process needed to be devised to fix that problem

The Process & Result

To help improve the quality of enquires and help attract their target market we had to look at Stone Worx' entire brand and the way in which it was used. Their existing logo was used on a wide array of media (including van decals), is relatively timeless and featured strong contrasting colours. As such we used that as a starting point, iterating and improving on it with the client's support to create a new luxury brand incorporating subtle stone textures with the company's existing colour scheme.

In order to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to submit a quote and get in touch with the company, a strong focus on UI and simple navigation to key areas of the website was key.  In particular, Stone Worx had historically had problems with clients misunderstanding the process of purchasing custom stone work. To tackle this, an interactive guide to the customer journey, from initial enquiry through quotation, templating and installation was created to illustrate the process with more information available with a click.

Finally, we created a new gallery system with clear tabs separating the different areas and materials to provide both inspiration for customers and a reference system that Stone Worx can use when helping clients select materials and styles.